Boys and Girls,

Have you ever been on a road trip? My husband, Eric, and I recently took a road trip all the way from our home in Brentwood, TN to Los Angeles, CA. While on our journey which was over two thousand miles, I was amazed by the beautiful sites we saw.

We traveled most of the time on Interstate 40 which often went alongside the Old Route 66. We did get off the busy Interstate a few times to go to some very special places.

Here is a picture of one of my favorite places we went. See if you can discover the name of this place.


Write to tell me what you find out about this place. Also, see if you can find out how many states we visited.

Hint: you may want to use an Atlas to look at the route we followed. Special tourist sites are marked on the maps.

Anytime, I travel across America, I think about how thankful I am to live in such a beautiful country. I’d love to hear about a favorite place you have visited in America.

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