This year I am learning the importance of resting while waiting for some circumstances to change.

As parents and grandparents we will have times in our lives when we don’t understand what we are going through. It is in those difficult times when we need time to be still and rest in knowing that God cares for us and at the right time we will get the answers to our questions.

How do you feel when your children or grandchildren come to you and ask you a question? I know for me it makes me feel happy to know they trust me to give them an honest answer. Our heavenly Father loves for us to come to Him with questions too.

This year my Christian’s Writer’s Group is writing on the topic of rest. Due to certain circumstances, I have not yet written on this topic, but I am practicing living it out. In preparation to write I have been brainstorming and doing research on people in the Bible who had to rest in the waiting.

In the process of doing this research God has spoken to me about the importance of being still and knowing that He wants what’s best for me and those who come to Him.

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