I’m Brenda Flowers, an educator, writer and speaker.

My vision is to write encouraging, educational and entertaining articles and stories for children and adults.

I want each reader to know how special they are to God and to experience joy, love and excitement as they discover God’s creation.


August 20, 1955 was a very important date for me. That was the year my sister, Linda Lee Dowell, was born. Before that date, I was the only child in my family.

I can’t really remember that special event, but I can recall the childlike love I had for my baby sister.

Growing up, Linda and I were very close. We shared a bedroom all of our childhood. When we were young, our mother cut our hair alike and often even dressed us alike.

Like twins, we often knew what each one was thinking.

Linda and I shared many experiences that my younger sisters, Polly (9 years younger than me) and Sarah (14 1/2 years younger) never experienced. We were born in a small town, Vincennes, Indiana. We lived in four states: Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Georgia. We knew all four of our grandparents who lived in Liberty, Kentucky. We lived in an apartment building in Cincinnati, Ohio for eight years of our lives. We played with Barbie dolls when they were first created. We crossed rivers on Ferry boats in places that did not yet have bridges. We watched a black and white TV. We prayed in school.

You may be wondering why I am writing about Linda. At the age of forty-four, Linda passed from this present life to her new eternal home in heaven.

Each August 20th, the anniversary of her birthday, I am especially aware of her love. I want to express to my readers how thankful I am to have had Linda as my sister and how I am looking forward to many more exciting experiences with her in the future.

Sometimes we don’t understand the heart ache we experience here on earth. But my faith is in a God who loves us so much He redeems the time of loss.

I’m trusting Jesus as my Redeemer.

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