Boys and Girls,

Do you like to learn new words and their meanings? I do.

Recently, I was asking Siri a question. This is how she answered me. She said, “I’m cogitating.” This is a big word. Do you know the meaning of this word? 

When I heard it, I thought to myself, ” I don’t know if I know the correct meaning of this word.”

Do you know where I looked to find out the meaning?

Yes, I looked in a dictionary.

I found out that this big word is a verb or action word and it means to think deeply about something; to meditate or reflect. This is funny because a computer can’t really do this but people who create and program the computers can think deeply.

What are some things you like to think about that make you feel happy? Do you ever spend quiet time thinking good thoughts about something you have read in a book? 🙂 

If your parent gives you permission, please share a happy memory or good thought which will make others feel happy, too.

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