When I was young, I loved to jump up into my daddy’s lap. I recall the love I felt in my dad’s strong arms. Daddy wasn’t tall in stature, being only about 5 feet 6 inches tall, but to me he was great!

This past weekend, I watched my grandsons playing with my husband, Eric. The five and three year old boys cackled with delight when their granddaddy, “big bear”, grabbed them and held them tightly. When he sat down, they gravitated to his lap, and at story time they chose his lap over mine.

Thinking back again to my childhood, I recall the warm secure feeling I had in my grandfather’s lap. When I had the opportunity, I would beg to sit in my grandfather’s lap or be close to him. One of my fondest memories is a time when my mother’s dad, who I called Big Daddy, held me close and read me a Bible story. I’m sure my parents and grandmother read me stories, but that one experience is the one which stands out in my memory.

I recall when I attended Sunday school, seeing a beautiful realistically painted picture of a man with a beard and loving eyes, holding a child tenderly with children all around him. I learned about who this man was and was captivated in my heart that Jesus wanted to hug me and listen to me. It was later, much later; I realized the full message of God’s love. As a child, I sang the song, “Deep and Wide,” about a fountain flowing deep and wide, not truly understanding the meaning of this fountain.

Is there a painting of Jesus loving the children that you recall or is there a song with His message of love which has touched your heart?

One of my favorites is the lovely portrayal of Jesus looking into the eyes of the children, listening to their questions and hugging them with kindness. Knowing daily that I am warmly embraced gives me confidence. As a Christian, I know that Abba, my Father in heaven, is a loving Father who knows what’s best for me. He listens intently. He loves intently. His Spirit is always with me comforting me. I’m never alone.

So what is our take away? As moms, dads, grandmothers, and grandfathers are we giving the children in our lives the loving attention they need?

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