A few days ago I saw a Facebook post from a man who used to go to my church. He was honoring his elderly mother in his post. What he shared touched my heart deeply!

This morning I was thinking about how Mother’s Day will soon be here and how I miss my Mother. I often reminisce about my childhood and special times I had with my Mother growing up. She was a people person, “never meeting a stranger.” Mother loved to reach out to neighbors. There was always a pot of coffee perked at our house, ready in case a neighbor dropped by.

I sometimes question myself, “Did I honor my Mother as a child and an adult?” I know I showed love to her. I hugged her lots. I listened to her directions and I tried to obey. Although like many adolescents and young adults I remember a period in my life when I didn’t appreciate my Mother enough. I strayed from the values she and my Dad taught me and modeled. Thankfully, In my early twenties I realized this and apologized. When I had children I tried to stress the importance of family and respecting our elders.

Today, though, I wonder, did I honor my Mother well? Maybe that’s one reason I dedicated this website to my parents and grandparents.

As May is the month for Mother’s Day, it will be fun to hear from you about how you honor or have honored your Mother. Please sign up so I may post your comments.

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