(This is my daughter, Catherine, who traveled with us to see the Joshua Trees at the national park.)

Boys and Girls,

In my last blog post, I challenged you to discover the name of the place in the photo I posted. (Click here to read the last blog post). It’s okay if you didn’t get a chance to discover the answer.

I took the photo at the end of June when I traveled through several western states on a journey to the coast of California. The tree in the photo is a Joshua tree.

See if you can find on a map of the United States what the name of the place is. A good reference book to use is an atlas. If you don’t know what an atlas is, ask someone.

Hint: The place in the picture was taken in a national park. Which national park has the right climate for Joshua trees to grow?

Fun Facts about Joshua Trees

  • The Joshua Tree isn’t actually a tree – it’s a species of Yucca
  • It grows in the Mojave Desert area
  • The National Park where you can find Joshua Trees is divided into 2 types of deserts
  • The Joshua Tree cannot be found in the Colorado Desert part of the park

Did you know on August 25, 2016, it’s the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service?

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