Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

I was going down memory lane today recalling a special time when my son and daughter were very young. My husband’s parents had been visiting and we had decided to tour the Hermitage near Nashville.

While waiting outside for our turn to tour the famous home, we searched for a way to keep our young ones entertained. It wasn’t long before we turned to our son’s favorite game of Hide and Seek, using the nearby majestic trees as hiding places.

Why this memory stands out was the way our young daughter “hid”.

I can still see in my mind’s eye, her little hands covering her eyes as she leaned against the trunk of a big tree nearby. She was standing in plain view announcing, “Come find me.” She thought by hiding her eyes, she was fully hidden. Of course, we played along, “Where’s Catherine? I don’t see her, Memaw, do you see her?” Even big brother, David, played along. Young Catherine’s precious little giggles brought our whole family such joy!

Fast forward in time.

One of our oldest grandson’s favorite games is Hide and Seek. We have played various versions of this game over his five years of life. When he was three, he loved to hide with me and have his granddaddy look for us. It was funny how even though I tried to show him how to be quiet and to get behind a piece of furniture or in a good hiding spot, he was determined not to go too long without being found.

Tavis’ eyes would widen with anticipation when his granddaddy came close to us.

Pretending not to see us, granddaddy would look in all the nearby hiding places as Tavis laughed with delight. Then Tavis would jump up or out and joyfully announce, “Here I am.”

I loved watching the expressions of both my husband and grandson as Eric acted surprised and Tavis grinned happily, jumping quickly in his granddaddy’s warm embrace. Treasured memories.

I’d love to hear about times you’ve played the game, Hide and Seek.

Let’s keep creating memories as we have fun playing with our children and grandchildren.

I’ve written another article on hiding and seeking for the Christian Writers Circle. Read it here. 

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