Trumpeting the Good News

Celebrating the release of my first book in collaboration with members of the Spirit Lead Writers Network. Rhythms of Life: An Anthem of Praise and Worship Through Seasons of Life

In the pages of this book, you will find each author’s spiritual and life experiences expressed in timely devotionals, plays, essays, poems and prayers to empower you to mature in grace and to sustain your faith.


This section of the blog is to inspire, encourage and empower you.


This section of the blog is to encourage parents, grandparents, and caretakers to reach the hearts of the children in your lives.


This section of the blog is for teachers. It includes tips and strategies based on my experience as an educator for over 35 years.


This section of the blog is for children who love to explore the world of books.

I Want To Be A Plenipotentiary

Parents and Grandparents, We have an important job. Each day we serve as ambassadors to our children. Whom do we represent? In 2017, I want to be a plenipotentiary for Jesus Christ, representing Him well in front of the lives of my children and grandchildren.

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See My Son’s Glory

See My Son’s Glory

The sun is up. A new day is here. My Son stays up. There’s nothing to fear. Creation shows What others may see. Look closely, child, See My Son’s glory. Shining brightly Within and without. Hearts illumined. In Him, there’s no doubt. Angels announce So souls will be...

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Fun with Words

I learned the meanings of two new words this week. The words are: plenipotentiary and cogitating. (For fun, see if you can find these words in other blog posts on my Website.) Since childhood, I've been interested in exploring the meanings of words. Yet, I remember...

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Giving God the Glory

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